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Leading up to Remembrance Day, middle school students will get the chance to hear from veterans and other seniors that have lived through times of war. 

Parkwood Place, an independent living retirement home in Victoria, is hosting an opportunity for youngsters from the Lansdowne Middle School to learn from their elders on November 9th. 

Some residents of Parkwood Place participated in the Second World War, lived through it or served their country in some way. 

One of these residents who will speak to the students, Lexie, is 100-years-old and is now one of the last surviving members of the Canadian Women’s Army Corps Pipe Band.

“We travelled across the country to recruit soldiers and at the end of the war, we went to Europe. Everywhere we went people were so grateful,” said Lexie. 

“I remember playing in our band at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe, all the troops and people were listening, it is the most incredible memory.”

“I am so proud to be a part of it all and I’m glad the kids today are interested in learning about our experiences – they are important.”

Another speaker at the intergenerational event will be Herb—a man who lived in England during the Second World War as a young boy. 

“I remember the sound of the planes and the dropping of the bombs,” said Herb.

“I remember sleeping in bomb shelters, the rationing and the whole experience of being there.  I’m proud to share those memories with the students, it’s imperative they know what happened.”

The youth attending the ceremony will also be able to learn about the Royal Canadian Legion at the ceremony. One of Parkwood’s residents has been a member for over 60 years. 

“I lost my grandfather in the First World War and my Uncle Hugh was in charge of the Spitfire Squadron which took down 15 German planes during the Second World War,” said another resident, Chuck, who’s been a legion member for over 60 years. 

“He was quite a guy and so was his team. Ceremonies like these are really meaningful and important,” said Chuck.

“Coming together with students to share our experiences, learn from and honour those who fought for our country and our lives is important. We have to pass what we know along, and we must be grateful together.”

Prior to Remembrance Day, Parkwood Place and the students of Lansdowne Middle School hope to inspire the community to learn of the sacrifices made in war-time.

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