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Whooo done it: Owl suspected in two Oak Bay home ‘invasions’


Things are getting weird in Oak Bay.

An owl is suspected to be the culprit in two separate home break-ins over the span of three days. 

In an incident earlier this week, an Oak Bay resident had a rude awakening when they found an owl in their home in the early hours Friday.

Oak Bay Police responded to the scene at around 4 a.m. and found their avian suspect perched on a couch in the living room. 

The resident and police worked together to encourage the owl to vacate the residence. After a short while their efforts were successful and the owl walked out an open patio door.

No animals or people were hurt in this incident. 

In its latest break in, during the early hours of Monday, an owl made its way into another Oak Bay residence. It’s suspected to be the same culprit as Friday’s break and enter. 

Lucky for everyone, former Oak Bay Police chief Ray Bernoties was on hand to lend his advice to the resident and the owl was once again safely removed from the home without police having to assist.

Oak Bay Police are just thankful it wasn’t a bald eagle or a more vicious bird of prey that found its way into these residences. 

Police will keep an eye out for this repeat offender, but Oak Bay residents are being cautioned to keep their windows and patio doors closed and their chimney flues shut.

In October, another owl was getting mischievous in Greater Victoria.

On the Galloping Goose, a runner had her hat snatched off her head by an owl trying to build a nest.


Winged thief steals hat off runner’s head on the Galloping Goose

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