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BC residents smash hourly hydro usage as extreme cold weather continues


British Columbia is being hit hard by cold weather and snow all around the province, and the proof is in the hydro usage.

On Thursday, December 22nd, BC Hydro announced that the company has set a new record for the highest peak hourly demand for electricity.

That peak was reached on Wednesday between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. when consumption reached 10,900 megawatts.

The previous record was set in December 2021 at 10,762 megawatts, but on Monday the record was broken when consumption rose to more than 10,800 megawatts.

“Despite the significant increase, BC Hydro will continue to be able to meet demand for electricity across the province this winter because of its large integrated hydroelectric system,” the company said in a statement on its website.

BC Hydro says the most electricity is used when customers return home from work, turning up the heat, switching on lights, and cooking and cleaning.

The company recommends avoiding cranking up the thermostat, as it doesn’t heat up a home faster than just increasing it by one or two degrees.

They also suggest draft-proofing around windows and doors in order to maximize the heat that stays in the house.

Victoria may not be out of the woods yet as another weather warning has been issued by Environment Canada Thursday.

This morning, the weather agency warned that the region is subject to two more warnings alerts—an arctic outflow warning and winter storm watch are both in effect for all of Greater Victoria and the Southern Gulf Islands.

More snow is expected over the next day and the artic air is expected to last longer than originally thought bringing temperatures to -20°C for at least another day.

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