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BC SPCA seek funds to care for blue heeler found bloody and abused


WARNING: This article contains graphic images.

A 10-month-old blue heeler named Sinbad was taken in by the BC SPCA just before Christmas and they are seeking financial donations to aid in caring for the animal who was found bloody and abused.

Veterinarians with the BC SPCA are unsure of what exactly happened to Sinbad but they do know he was badly hurt in his last living situation. 

He was found in the wilderness alone with wounds all over his body and his face. He was rushed to the BC SPCA to receive life-saving medical care upon being found and is now on a long road to recovery. 

One of his front paws was especially hurt with incisions through his foot pads, straight down to the bone and more incisions on the top of the same paw. BC SPCA says one of the paws has swelled to three times the size of his other paws. 


Through his recovery, veterinarians have determined his paw was becoming necrotic, meaning his flesh around the wound was beginning to rot and needed constant and continuous monitoring. 

Sinbad has required many veterinarian visits since coming into the care of the BC SPCA for regular wound cleaning that they say can be excruciating for the blue heeler. He has also been on a strict medication plan and needed several examinations to ensure his healing journey is on the right track.

He will need another two months of veterinarian care due to how severe his wounds are and the BC SPCA says his costs are climbing constantly. 

Although he did not get to be with a forever family through the holidays, the BC SPCA says he was being cared for by loving foster parents. 

The BC SPCA deals with cases similar to Sinbad’s daily. Donations to help Sinbad and other animals can be made online or by calling 1-800-665-1868.

Curtis Blandy

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