Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Colwood unveils new viewing platform at Murray’s Pond Park


Nature enthusiasts of Colwood, rejoice!

The City of Colwood announced that Murray’s Pond Park has a brand new viewing platform for trail enthusiasts to enjoy.

Tucked away in the woods near the Royal Bay neighbourhood in Colwood, the new viewing platform allows visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the park.

The new viewing platform is one of many park improvements that have been made by the Royal Bay development, according to the City of Colwood.

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Murray’s Pond is home to a woodland ecosystem that hosts a diverse range of wildlife. It was once part of a farm owned by the Murray family. 

According to Colwood Pioneer Cemetery records, Robert Bertram Murray was born circa1858 and died January 30th, 1935. His wife Mary Murray was born circa 1878 and died December 23, 1977.

The pond itself is described as a “kettle pond” meaning it was formed when a chunk of a receding glacier broke off and settled in place. The sediment-rich ice block gradually deposited sand, clay, grit and rocks around and on top of it, solidifying. Years later, as the underground ice block melted, the sediment layer caved in to form a large depression that filled with groundwater, creating the pond.

The new platform will give students and families a closer look at the flora, fauna, and the cycle of life that takes place throughout the seasons.


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