King Tides can be a great opportunity for storm watching along Dallas Road. Residents interested in storm watching are reminded to do so from a safe distance due to the heightened risks of coastal erosion and seawall collapse caused by strong winds and waves.

Move over snow, another storm has arrived.

Environment Canada issued a wind warning for Greater Victoria Monday that could see strong southeast winds batter the region for parts of the day.

Complicating matters is the arrival of the King Tides around the same time which could cause flooding in some areas.

Coastal areas, especially those adjacent to the Strait of Georgia, Haro Strait and Boundary Bay will see southeast winds gusting between 70 to 90 km/h with the King Tides.

King tides occur two to three times a year when the sun, moon and earth are aligned such that gravity has greater force on the water.

“King Tides will coincide with the approach of this frontal system,” said Environment Canada in its warning. “Swells and enhanced wave action along the Strait of Georgia could lead to flooding, while wave action and debris may cause damage to coastal infrastructure. Coastal sections with a southeast exposure will be the most vulnerable to wave action.”

The weather agency also warning of another storm that could arrive by Tuesday.

“We now have high confidence in a more significant storm surge event occurring with the King Tide on Tuesday morning.”

The strong southeast winds will diminish mid-morning before they become southwesterly easing this afternoon.

A King Tide is a popular, non-scientific term people often use to describe exceptionally high tides that occur during a new or full moon.

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