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WARNING: Must be 19+ to read this article. No kiddos allowed.

The internet has been obsessed with the negroni sbagliato since that lady from that fantasy show mentioned it in a weird interview segment that went viral, but I want to give you another option in the classic negroni realm.

A boulevardier is literally a negroni, made the exact same way except with bourbon instead of gin. This gives the cocktail a bit more of a sweetness and smokey quality rather than doubling down on the bitterness from the other two ingredients; vermouth and Campari.

A boulevardier is and has been my favourite cocktail for ages because of three reasons:

  1. It’s easy – equal parts three things, this is a cocktail you could train your children to make for you (please don’t do this).
  2. It’s delicious – the marriage of flavours is perfect, better even than a classic negroni in my opinion.
  3. It does its job – pure alcohol is a crutch many of us lean on whilst spending days with family.

Here’s how to make a boulevardier:


  • Bourbon whiskey of your choice! My go to is Buffalo Trace
  • Sweet vermouth! I like using local ingredients as much as possible so try and find some Esquimalt Rosso Vermouth.
  • Campari! You can also use Aperol in a pinch but Campari is best.
  • Orange peel! As long as you have one orange on hand you should be good.


  • In a mixing glass add ¾ ounces of all three ingredients: bourbon, vermouth and Campari.
  • Add a couple ice cubes.
  • Stir! Only for like, 30 seconds. You are just trying to get that alcohol nice and cool.
  • Strain into a coup glass if you prefer your cocktails served “up,” or pour over a couple new ice cubes in a rocks glass. I prefer the “on the rocks” method.
  • Peel a bit of an orange peel, trying your hardest not to get the white stuff too. You just want the flesh.
  • Squeeze the peel with the inside of the peel close to your drink to release some of its oils.
  • Throw that peel in the beverage after you give it a couple squeezes.
  • Drink up! Enjoy!

A boulevardier is a classic for a reason! Try it out if you are over 19-years-old and let me know what you think about boulevardiers versus negronis in the comments!

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