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Flair Airlines loses young Nanaimo boys’ hockey stick signed by Canucks’ Bo Horvat


Two young Vancouver Canucks fans lost their newfound prized possession in a flight with Flair Airlines over the Christmas break.

The two boys had travelled to Edmonton and gotten tickets to see the Canucks face off against the Edmonton Oilers on December 23rd. 

They had made a sign that read, “Hey Bo Horvat, All I want for Christmas is your signature… Want to rock, paper, scissors for it? Go Canucks!”

Horvat obliged the young fans and gifted the boys with the hockey stick he used in the game that Vancouver bested Edmonton 5-2. In that game, Bo Horvat scored twice along with getting two assists.

Upon flying home on a Flair Airlines flight into the Abbotsford International Airport, the airline lost the stick and left the two boys devastated.

The boys’ mother, Janelle Staite, who is Deputy Director of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure tweeted at the Canucks and Flair Airlines to ask for a Christmas miracle upon their arrival back home.

Staite claims that Flair Airlines was not responding to her pleas for rectification in the matter and her aim in tweeting what she did was to make her sons have a happy Christmas instead of a disappointing one. 

The Vancouver Canucks replied to the tweet on December 28th stating they can help the Staite boys get their hands on a new stick from their favourite player. 

Whatever they get may not be the stick that scored twice with two assists in the hands of Horvat and it may not be the stick they’ll remember their trip with, but the Canucks assured the family they’d make something happen for the boys. 

The Vancouver Canucks told Victoria Buzz they are “in the process of working with the family and have nothing to share at this time.”

Curtis Blandy

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