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Here’s how you can bet on whether or not Victoria will see a white Christmas this year


Snow or no snow? That’s the question that online gambling site PlayNow is asking—and they’re willing to pay up if you get it right!

The BCLC website has announced a new kind of holiday bet, and you guessed it—it’s weather-based.

For the next 5 days, Victorians willing to test their luck can now place a wager on whether or not the city sees a white Christmas this year.

With less than a week until the big day and over 30 cm of snow slamming the island overnight, the odds of a winter wonderland are unpredictable. 

Last year some parts of Greater Victoria were blessed with a healthy enough amount of snow on the ground to go tobogganing, have snowball fights and struggle on their road trip to a family dinner on Christmas Day. 

However, the last true ‘white Christmas’ with fresh snowfall was in 2017.

This year, however, in early December, Old Farmer’s Almanac predicted snow for Victoria on Christmas Day but Environment Canada is saying otherwise. 

With rain in the forecast on Sunday, December 25th, the current odds of a white Christmas in the provincial capital is set at 2.50. Ranking Victoria alongside Vancouver as the two cities in BC with the least chance of snowfall.

Betting is currently open and will end at noon on Sunday, December 25th. 

Feeling lucky? You can place your bets here! 

Are you willing to put money down on a white Christmas in Victoria? Let us know!

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