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Were you naughty or nice this year?

Santa and his elves made his list and checked it twice and the verdict is in!

With only five days before the big day, The Christmas Affairs Department of The North Pole Government released the annual naughty or nice list.

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The list includes  29,367 names and it appears that well over 50% of you are on Santa’s good side this year. 

With more than 255 births per minute, the Naughty and Nice list is constantly being reviewed and updated. 

Detected by the Department’s Global Behaviour Tracking Network, the findings are sent directly to the North Pole Records Centre where Santa’s elves examine the data before Christmas Eve. 

Using this advanced data mining technology the DOCA has confirmed 19,573 people can rest assured knowing they’ll wake up on Christmas morning without the fear of their stockings filled with coal. 

For those that have fallen short, it’s okay, there still is time to plead your case!

If you believe your results are incorrect, you can defend your name by requesting a review on the DOCA’S website. Before submitting a request, be sure to include all the good deeds you’ve made over the year that you believe should reward a nice result. 

This year the DOCA has released a naughty rehabilitation program for those that need a helping hand.

The Program’s team of nice coaches are currently helping naughty individuals set short and long term goals to achieve prolonged niceness as we head into 2023. 

If you think this might be you or know of a friend that’s fallen on the naughty list, now is your time to check where your name stands on the list!

You can visit the official Naughty or Nice list here and let us know what your report card says in the comment section below!


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