The holiday season is upon us!

That means arguing whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not, listening to Mariah Carey and the Peanuts Christmas albums on repeat and decorating everything in sight.

This year however, the Capital Regional District (CRD) is urging the holi-dazed population of Victoria to reel it in a bit with the Christmas decorations in public places. 

Even though our parks can seem a little drab and lifeless during winter, we have to avoid the urge to decorate trees. 

With some, it is tradition to take the leftover Christmas tree ornaments and adornments and dress up your favourite tree in your favourite park.

The CRD says that more often than not, these decorations get blown off the trees and end up as litter throughout the park, especially if strong winds are expected. 


Batten down the hatches: Overnight wind warning in effect for Greater Victoria

Not only that but anytime foreign objects like these are introduced to the wild, there is a risk of animals eating them or becoming confused by their presence. 

With the weather trending toward more wind storms in December, it might be best to find some sort of indoor greenery to fancify this holiday season. 

That neglected snake plant that doesn’t get enough light needs to feel beautiful too, you know?

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