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Next week, one record will be on repeat for Brentwood Bay music teacher, Mike Preston. 

Instead of enjoying a traditional Christmas break, on Wednesday, December 21st, Preston will commit himself to listen to one song, chosen by the public for 14 hours.

Surprisingly, this mind numbing challenge will not be Preston’s first rodeo. 

In 2020, Preston raised over $2,000 to support the Mustard Seed Food Bank. 

Preston’s decision to do this a second time came from a personal call to action he says is meant to support global tragedies that have been out of mind due to today’s issues.

“I remember a year into covid, I was like they haven’t talked about Syria, everyone’s forgotten,” Preston tells Victoria Buzz.

With a minimum goal of $5,000, this year every dollar raised will go towards the United Nations World Food Programme’s efforts to end world hunger. 

To cast a vote, the public must donate $20 and comment their song choice directly to the GoFundMe page

As of right now, the six-song choices include, TNT by AC/DC, Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne, Seven Nation Army by White Stripes, Europe’s The Final Countdown, Rebecca Black’s Friday and Los del Rio’s Macarena.

Once Preston’s fundraising efforts were shared online on December 12th, the Brentwood music teacher says the outpour of attention has surprised him. 

“I’ve only done one CFAX interview a few mornings ago, but I just got a text from a friend saying they were talking about you (Preston) all day on The Ocean. It’s weird finding out that radio dudes are talking about you and you have no idea. It was pretty crazy last time and extra crazy this time,” says Preston. 

Back in the classroom, Preston says a few of his students are basking in the torment, a challenge he encourages people to bring to his fundraiser as official votes will only be received with donations to the cause. 

“I have this one kid that was like, I’m going to make a bunch of donations and I’m going to make sure it’s that song. I said, sure go ahead man. Everyone wins,” said Preston.

Votes will be collected until Tuesday, December 20th at 5 p.m. That night, the most voted song will be announced on Brentwood School of Music’s Facebook page.

Despite the 14 hour marathon not being live streamed. Preston invites the public to join his torment at his music studio or follow video updates he posts on Facebook. 

Ok folks! Here are the SIX finalists for songs – as selected by students and those who know him well – that are sure to…

Posted by Brentwood School of Music on Monday, December 12, 2022

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