(Campbell River RCMP)

Perhaps the snow will slow them down, or maybe not.

RCMP say pranksters, including one wearing a cow suit, who have been ringing doorbells in a Campbell River neighbourhood then running away are pushing the game too far.

Considered a harmless prank known as “nicky nine doors” which has been around for decades, Campbell River RCMP say they are on the lookout for a mischievous cow in the neighborhood surrounding Penfield School.

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On December 3rd, shortly before 10 p.m., the slender dairy cow with a shock of blonde hair ascended the stairs to a home in the Penfield area, and rang the doorbell, but neglected to stick around to talk to the owner who opened the door shortly after.

Police said they were amazed the cow left no hoof prints, instead left footprints with a strange swoosh pattern in them.

“Many people may consider the game of nicky nine doors a harmless prank, and we are sure there are adults in the community who remember playing the game in good fun as youth,” said Cst Maury Tyre of the Campbell River RCMP.

“Unfortunately, in the Penfield area, what we have are some young people that have taken the game too far. Items in yards have been broken in haste and the repetitive nature of the events which have occurred as late as 3:00 am has stretched beyond fun to disturbing to many residents in the area,” added Tyre.

On more than one occasion the young people have ended up being physically apprehended by residents who have hit their breaking point, police said.

RCMP said they issued this release in hopes that some of the “older members of the herd can teach the young calves what is fun and what is criminal mischief in order to prevent further disturbance calls in the area.”



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