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US Coast Guard saves sailor and two dogs with help from Victorians (VIDEO)


Thanks to the combined effort of American and Victorian based search and rescue teams a man and his two dogs have been returned to safety following their ship being run aground. 

The sailor and his two pups were sailing in a small sailboat were travelling through the Juan De Fuca Strait when their vessel was run aground.

The King Tide and high winds may have been contributing factors to the ship’s crash. 

The vessel was being consistently struck by larger waves and the two canines and their master were desperate to be saved from a potentially life-threatening scenario. 

A US Coast Guard helicopter was the first on the scene to rescue the trio. 

The Port Angeles aircrew quickly sprang into action and were able to get the sailor and one of his dogs to safety in Victoria at the Canadian Coast Guard station.

The American aircrew then returned to the scene and located the second dog, which was brought to safety by a rescue swimmer and the use of a basket deployed by the helicopter’s crew. 

This was a combined effort by Canadian and American Coast Guards as well as the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Victoria.

Coast Guard Rescues 1 Person and 2 Dogs

A U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Port Angeles helicopter aircrew rescued 1 person and 2 dogs from a sailboat near Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The sailboat ran aground and was being battered by large waves. The Port Angeles aircrew quickly responded. They arrived on scene and transported the mariner and 1 dog to the Canadian Coast Guard Station in Victoria, British Columbia.The aircrew returned to the area and spotted another dog within the wreckage. The aircrew deployed a rescue swimmer, recovered the dog and transported it to the Canadian Coast Guard Station.Awesome work to everyone involved, including the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Victoria!Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast GuardCommandant of the U.S. Coast GuardCoast Guard Sector Puget SoundU.S. Coast GuardGo Coast Guard

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