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Apple Music users need not read.

We are a small but mighty team! A collection of weirdos akin to the island of misfit toys.

Everyone in our office has pretty different tastes and our top five songs really showed it. We decided to slap our favourite tunes together into a playlist for you to enjoy should you choose to do so. 

One of our writers is a hipster-punk type and you can probably tell that his songs start off the playlist. He bikes around the city a lot and likes to listen to punky and boppy songs while he rips.

Next is a member of our team who loves a nostalgic feeling and a lil’ bit of country rap. She keeps her top tunes all posi-vibes to manifest ultimate productivity. 

Then our social media guru enters the chat. She is a bit obsessed with Mr. Harry Styles and it shows. It’s just a wonder that the Corn Song wasn’t in her top songs. Not on her list was the hundreds of Christmas and Halloween songs she subjects the office to.

Our next team member on the list celebrated Britney’s freedom by listening to her bop with Ginuwine, as well as a bit of Lizzo and some other poppy happy jams. We all think something’s got to be wrong with the Spotify algorithm because Ticketmaster’s least favourite artist didn’t seem to be all five of her top picks.

The newest addition to the Victoria Buzz team is next and he is tough to pin down. Little blue-eyed soul here, little bass-slapping funk there. He listened to Spotify lots in 2022, mostly while running, editing his photos and he occasionally belts out some sing-alongs in the shower karaoke.

Next up is the soft-hearted bossman. He likes modern R&B and top 40 bangers, and you may recognize a few of his top tunes from the Bachelor and Bachelorette. He needs the good vibes to get him through the work day that never seems to end when you’re the guy in charge.

Were any of our top songs on your list? Let us know in the comments!

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