(Lindsay Buziak was 24 years old when she was found murdered in a Saanich home)

Lindsay Buziak’s death is a story that most Victorians know all too well. 

After 15 years since her murder, Saanich Police still have yet to lay charges against anyone despite the case’s worldwide notoriety. 

The investigation has taken many twists and turns over the years and public speculation has played a large role in what occurred on February 2nd, 2008.

In short, Lindsay was a realtor showing a home to a couple that she had a weird feeling about from the get-go. She was killed while showing the home to the couple. 

Lindsay told her boyfriend of her discomfort in showing the couple the house in which he decided to stop by and check on her. He then discovered her body. 

The two suspects who were alone with her in the house when she died are believed to have left through the back door. 

Police were never able to locate or identify these two and believe the duo might have been doing someone else’s dirty work. 

In an effort to remind police that his daughter’s murder is still unsolved, Jeff Buziak holds an annual Walk of Justice from Saanich Municipal Hall to the Legislature. 

Lindsay was a young woman who was killed while simply trying to do her job and Jeff wants justice for his daughter more than anything.

The message Jeff wants to convey to police is that he wants this murder case solved. For the safety of all Victorians his main concern is that there is a killer who remains free and may still be in the city.

This event gives Lindsay’s father a wide array of mixed feelings and emotions. It is important to him, but it takes an incredible toll on his mental health. 

“It warms my heart that there are people that care,” said Jeff. “That’s all it gives me.”

“Otherwise, I’m stressed out about it and I’m probably depressed for like, 10 days after.”

“Only after that do I start to get back on my feet again, it’s horrific.”

Jeff says all are welcome whether they knew Lindsay or not. Friends, those dedicated to justice and some family members are all likely to be present for their annual march for Lindsay. 

“Right now it’s a group that stays pretty steady,” Jeff told Victoria Buzz.

“It’s mostly a mixture of strangers, close friends of Lindsay’s and myself, a couple family members and no realtors.”

Jeff said that sometimes the group that gathers can get to chatting and the walk can be delayed, so this year he will be arriving at the Saanich Municipal Hall a bit earlier.

“Typically what happens is I show up at 9:50 a.m. and say, ‘okay let’s go,’ and we end up leaving late because everyone wants to hug and talk,” Jeff said.

“So this year I’m going to show up at 9 a.m. to visit and talk to people, and hopefully people show up just to show support, even if they don’t walk.”

Jeff plans on beginning the walk at 10 a.m. after people have had the opportunity to mingle.


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