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‘Ancient Caves’ is the latest must-see feature film at the Royal BC Museum’s IMAX Victoria


You can now go on a magical cave-diving adventure across the world from the comfort of a IMAX movie theatre seat!

Ancient Caves will take you on a journey into the nooks and crannies of mother earth and will show you the splendor of what lies beneath our feet.

Now playing in both 2D and 3D at the Royal BC Museum on the largest IMAX screen in BC is director Jonathan Bird’s critically-acclaimed, award-winning film about one scientist’s efforts to understand climate change by exploring the world’s depths.

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston narrates as an environmental scientist travels to the French Alps, Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Minnesota, Nevada and the Bahamas to study the deepest stalagmites–some of which have existed for hundreds of thousands of years. 

Science and adventure become intertwined with beautiful cinematography and sights only a few humans have ever had the pleasure of seeing in this 40 minute film.

“These deep underwater caves are other-worldly, like something straight out of sci-fi film, and viewers can expect to see things they’ve never seen before,” said Bird. 

“The film has something for everyone, whether it’s adventure, science or just pure beauty.”

Bird himself dove along with two highly trained professional cave divers to get the footage that has garnered him so many accolades for this film. 

Viewers will see remnants of a human civilization long dead, an underwater chamber named after the Lord of the Rings’ Fangorn Forest due to its majesty, depths as far as 300 metres below the surface and so much more. 

The wonders of these Ancient Caves are shown through the lens of science and earth’s history–getting to know past climate change events in order to help our own civilization avoid becoming long forgotten and studied by whatever comes after us.

See the wonders of these Ancient Caves for yourself on the Royal BC Museum’s IMAX screen! The film can be seen anytime between now and March 1st with multiple daily showings.

To find Ancient Caves showtimes in both 2D and 3D, click here.

Ancient Caves at Victoria’s IMAX theatre

  • Where: IMAX Theatre, 675 Belleville Street
  • When: January 19th to March 1st 2023
  • Ticket Prices:
    • Adult: $11.95
    • Senior: $10.25
    • Student: $10.75
    • Youth (ages 6-18): $10.25
    • Child (ages 3-5): $5.40
    • Infant (below age 2): Free
    • For 3D showings $1 is added to the ticket price
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