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How are your new years’ resolutions treating you, Victoria?

After nearly a month into the ‘new year, new me’ mindset, you might be having second thoughts about your healthy living goals. 

If alcohol is hot on your list, the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) has published new research reaffirming your abstinence from wobbly pops.

According to the report, three to six drinks per week are now considered a moderate risk to your health. 

Additionally, your risk of getting cancer increases the more beverages you consume, including common ones like colon and breast cancer.

In Canada, alcohol reportedly causes nearly 7,000 cases of cancer-related deaths each year.

Statistics show that liver disease is on the rise in Canada, with alcohol being considered the main culprit.. Drinking a large amount of alcohol, even for just a few days, can lead to a build-up of fat in the liver. This is called alcohol-associated fatty liver.

In order to avoid these health risks, the report suggests only drinking a couple of boozy beverages a week to maintain low health risks.

The two-year research project received 1,000 survey submissions from physicians, counsellors, community workers, policymakers and the public.

Led by CCSA, the research looked at nearly 6,000 peer-reviewed studies and involved a panel of 23 scientists representing 16 organizations.

Over the years, alcohol has been a hot topic of conversation for many after nutritional sciences have debated the risks and benefits of alcohol on the heart and circulatory system.

The Canadian Cancer Society’s chief executive officer, Andrea Seale, said in a press release that reports of this kind are important for public health as they provide an example of what consuming alcohol can do to one’s health. 

“Canadians need to know there are serious health risks associated with drinking alcohol, including an elevated risk of multiple types of cancer. Many Canadians are unaware that alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer, and most don’t realize they are drinking unsafe amounts,” said Seale.

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