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Cordova Bay’s popular Beach House Restaurant goes up for sale


While its future is unknown, a beloved restaurant in Cordova Bay has been listed for sale. 

Known as the heart of Cordova Bay, local residents have enjoyed warm meals, danced and shared warm memories for close to a century. 

The longtime eatery has now been put on the market, putting its future in question.

Formerly known as McMorran’s Pavillion, the popular restaurant changed ownership in 2011, after Kate Phoenix purchased the property, adding foundation repairs and upgrades including a new roof.

The location which was run by the McMorran family for generations was renamed to the Beach House in 2012.

“I have owned the restaurant for 12 years and worked in the service industry here in Victoria since 1986 and look forward to a quiet retirement on my little hobby farm,” Phoenix told Victoria Buzz.

The Beachhouse Restaurant sits on two waterfront lots, with the properties currently on the market for $5.5 million.

There are three parking lots across the street and a house at 985 Abbey Road that are listed for $9.9 million. These lots are also zoned for residential use.

Altogether the properties span a total of 16,732 square feet.

Listed on the market before Christmas, Phoenix has received interest from a few potential buyers. 

“We have interest from some restaurateurs and entrepreneurs interested in the commercial zoning on the 1 waterfront lot however the predominant interest is from developers,” says Phoenix.

The restaurant is currently closed for the holidays and is set to reopen on January 11th.

Heading into 2023, the Beachhouse Restaurant will continue operating as normal until the official closure on August 27th after hosting its last wedding. 

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