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Cowichan Valley artist to have his work displayed at art galleries in Italy and Germany


Cowichan artist Jock Hildebrand, is celebrating an illustrious career as a talented sculptor after being invited to exhibit at two international art galleries later this year.

From October 14th to 22nd, 2023, Hildebrand’s work will be on display at the XIV Biennale of Contemporary Art and Design in Florence with additional work on display a few weeks later at the Moon Art Fair in Hamburg, Germany.

The recent news comes as a shock to the resident of Maple Bay who has dedicated 50 years of his life to the craft. 

Receiving the news via email, Hildebrand tells Victoria Buzz the interest from these prestigious galleries, “were both complete surprises to me and I feel honoured to have received them. It’s rather exciting I have to say.”

While Hildebrand is still planning what sculptures he intends on display at either gallery, what he does know is that his work will be featured alongside artists and designers from 71 different countries. 

As a graduate of Emily Carr University, Hildebrand has travelled the world working on commissioned pieces throughout parts of Asia, Europe as well as North and Central America. 

Hildebrand’s large sculptures are inspired by his interest in anthropology and ethnology.

“I have devoted my life to things artistic; it has been the sum total of my life and I hold nothing so dear. When I approach the arts, it is with the thread of a lifetime of creative considerations. Joyful art-making is my currency, and this is what I bring to all my work,” Hildebrand said.

Hildebrand, who founded the Cowichan Public Art Gallery and the Denman Island Public Art Gallery, as well as several large projects internationally and throughout BC, has been closely connected to the art community throughout the province.

With a career spanning half a century, Hildebrand’s success as a sculptor is not only about his achievements but rather the opportunities he’s been able to offer the next generation of artists. 

“All through my life, I’ve been devoted to making sure people have access to and understanding of what art is all about,” says Hildebrand.

To learn more about Hildebrand’s creative pursuits, you will find examples of his projects and lifelong commitment to the craft featured on his website

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