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Curt’s Cocktail Corner: On weekends we hail Caesar while we brunch


It’s time to take a look at Calgary’s best contribution to the world! That’s right, the Caesar was invented in Alberta’s cow-town.

Everyone claims that their Caesar is the best one and they’re all wrong

The perfect Caesar doesn’t have a mountain of accoutrement like grilled cheese sandwiches and pickled vegetables stacked on top of a celery salt rimmed glass and it certainly doesn’t have some kind of fancy pants alternative tomato concoction. 

If your Caesar has a full meal on it, you’re paying too much for it and the meal.

The perfect Caesar simply doesn’t exist! This is because every single person has their own idea of what a ‘perfect Caesar’ is.

In my mind it isn’t about the extras, I don’t try to do it fancy. I just use the ingredients intended and make it in a way that it’ll cure a hangover, put some pep in my step and give me the can-do attitude I need to get through a fun and productive weekend. 

Here is how I make MY perfect Caesar:


  • 2 oz – gin of your choice (vodka is flavourless and has no place in a well crafted caesar)
  • 1 oz – pickle brine
  • 1 tbsp – horseradish
  • 6 dashes – Tabasco hot sauce (for a spice lover)
  • 8+ dashes – Worcestershire (the ‘muddier’ a Caesar, the better) 
  • Celery salt  – garnish
  • Pickled green beans – garnish
  • Lime wedge – garnish (lime beats lemon every single time)
  • Mott’s Clamato (there is no substitute) 


  • Use your lime wedge to wet the rim of a 16 oz pint class and rub the glass on a plate with celery salt to rim the glass
  • Add gin, brine, Tabasco, horseradish and Worcestershire 
  • Fill the glass to approximately halfway full
  • Stir until horseradish is all up in there! If it doesn’t have a brownish hue at this point, add more Worcestershire
  • Fill glass with ice 
  • Throw a bean in there (two for good measure) and pop your lime wedge back on the rim
  • Drink up buttercup, the weekend’s activities await!

If you want to have the most success from your Caesar, pair it with an invention of mine I call the ‘Oil Change.’

An oil change is when you sit down at a restaurant and immediately order a Caeser (with gin, extra muddy and spicy of course), a coffee (with baileys perhaps) and an orange juice (level up to a mimosa if you dare).

That being said, be sure to always drink responsibly and never, ever, under any circumstances should you be behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking.

Curtis Blandy

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