Thursday, February 22, 2024

Farmers’ Almanac released its spring forecast and Victorians are going to be happy


Spring is almost in the air!

And there is promising news for many of us on Vancouver Island making our way through this grim and dreary winter.

The Farmers’ Almanac, a generations-old resource for weather and life advice, predicts a turbulent transition to warm weather and a very stormy April in most parts of the country.

According to the Almanac, as we get past April, Canadians will be able to enjoy near normal temperatures with drier conditions in the forecast, especially for Quebec and the Maritimes.

As for Vancouver Island, we’re slated to receive pleasant temperatures with normal amounts of precipitation throughout the spring and leading into the summer.

While there is promise for a glowing summer across most of the country. The almanac warns that another threat of severe weather could strike around the time of the June solstice.

This is commonly caused by a surge of highly humid, warm, and unstable air that leads to showers, and violent thunderstorms across central and eastern Canada.

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