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Here’s why Sooke was named one of Canada’s best fishing destinations


For the second time in four years, Vancouver Island has made the leaderboard when it comes to the top fishing destinations throughout Canada. 

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Known as the largest online platform for finding and booking fishing trips in the world, Fishing Booker has favoured Sooke in the top five places in the country to spend your time fishing and here’s why. 

Coming in second behind Calgary, Sooke is highly regarded for a rare year-round fishing season, a huge range of species to reel in, and a vibrant landing community to return to.

Fishing Booker describes the area as being a phenomenal fishing scenery paired with a rich body of water that offers up five different species of Pacific Salmon including Chinook (Blackmouth), Coho (Silver), Pink and Sockeye, and Chum. 

(Photo by Fishing Booker)

The biggest and baddest fish arrive in May, when Salmon from Fraser River show up, a lot of them in the 20–50 lb range.

If you’re not able to make it to the island come spring, that’s not a problem. Coho Salmon are equally popular from June to October. 

For those that struggle to get the salmon to bite, have no fear, salmon in this area share the spotlight with Halibut.

Based on previous catches, halibut in Sooke are known to weigh anywhere from 30 to 150 pounds if you’re lucky enough to catch a “Barndoor” Halis.

The complete list of towns, from first to last, is below:

  • Calgary, AB
  • Sooke, BC
  • St. Lawrence River, QC
  • Avalon Peninsula, NL
  • Haida Gwaii, BC
  • Lac Seul, ON
  • St. Peters Bay, PE
  • Dauphin Lake, MB

If you plan on making the trip to Vancouver Island for a grand fishing adventure, be sure to check out British Columbia’s fishing regulations and licensing requirements.

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