(Photo by the Coast Guard)

Don’t be alarmed if you see a lot of activity off the shorelines of Victoria this week.

If you’re near Dallas Road and Ogden Point, you’ll likely see the Canadian Coast Guard working on a special project. 

Over the next few days, staff aboard the Hovercraft CCGS Siyay will work to remove an undersea power cable approximately 1km in length. 

Michelle Imbeau, communications Advisor for the Canadian Coast Guard told Victoria Buzz, the cable hasn’t been used in over 25 years and was left inactive once the site was solarized in 1995.

The solar panels currently supply power to navigational aids including buoys, lights, and fog signals.

In order to start the removal, divers will spend the first part of the project relocating sea life from the area around Brotchie Ledge—a submerged reef in the Strait of Juan de Fuca one-half mile south of the entrance to Victoria harbour.

(Map courtesy of Beacon Hill Park History)

“Using the hovercraft as a work platform, our divers will relocate sea life such as urchins and sea stars from the area around the Brotchie Ledge reef before working to remove the cable,” said, Imbeau.

According to Imbeau, divers will only move the sea life that could be impacted by the removal operation within 1 to 2 metres of the cable. In areas where the cable is fully submerged, the cable will be left in place.

Those spending the day by Ogden Point might notice float bags on the water. The Coast Guard will be using these bags to mark sections of the cable during the work.

Vessels sailing near the operation have been advised to stay away from the area as the cable is removed. 

According to the Coast Guard, the removal will take at least a week.



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