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Major improvements underway at Langford Lake include a new floating dock (PHOTOS)


Get your swim trunks ready for summer!

Langford Lake is getting some much needed improvements that are meant to improve public access to the water as well as enhance the painted turtle habitat.

Located in the heart of the city, the lake is a favoured site for swimming, boating and fishing. 

There are numerous boardwalks and shore access points which allow for fishing as well as a boat launch for an even better chance to land a trout.

The turtle habitat improvement project is already underway and is expected to be completed  by the end of January. 

The painted turtles that call Langford Lake home will soon have improved nesting areas and new basking logs that are being installed so the reptiles can enjoy a reliable spot to soak in the sun. 


Environmentalists and city workers are also working to remove invasive species and a wooden fence has been constructed to prevent access to vulnerable nesting areas.

Permanent informational signs will also be installed around the habitats to educate visitors about the livelihood of the native turtle species. 

To finish the project, there have been intermittent closures of the Ed Nixon Trail that surrounds the lake.


Visitors to the lake are also going to benefit from the Langford Lake improvement project in a big way. 

A three-acre chunk of land on Langford Lake’s south shore will become a haven for recreationalists by summer 2023. 

A massive pier is being installed with plenty of room to launch a kayak, canoe or stand-up paddleboard (SUP) from. In addition to the pier, a massive floating dock will be installed out in the lake as a place for people to swim out to or take a rest from paddling in the sun. 

(Renderings via Westhills and the City of Langford)

Bike racks, a picnic area and an improved park atmosphere are also to be implemented to increase the number of people who can bask in the sun alongside the turtles this summer. 

The land for the park is owned by Westhills Land Corp. who  have agreed to dedicate the park land to the City of Langford for public use. Langford made the lakefront project a requirement for Westhills back in 2007 when they rezoned the land for Westhills to develop properties and homes. 

Biologists have been involved in every step of the design and implementation of the two projects to assure that the biodiversity of the lake will remain intact and unthreatened. 

The approximate cost of the turtle habitat project and the lakefront project is $1 million, to be paid for by Westhills. 

Curtis Blandy

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