(Photo from McDonald's via Facebook)

The people spoke, and McDonald’s listened—waffle fries and spicy McNuggets have returned to the menu, but only for a limited time—so get ‘em while they’re hot!

The popular fast-food chain first introduced waffle fries in 2016 with a surprise (brief) return in April 2022. By popular demand, the crispy goodness returns once again. 

Priced at $3.79 at McDonald’s restaurants in Victoria, the waffle fries come in a lattice design and are dipped in a crispy batter. 

McDonald’s suggests pairing them with their new ranch dipping sauce.

Will you be trading in your ketchup for their ranch dip to try out these waffle fries? Or perhaps dip them in both!

We recommend pairing them with the other latest and greatest hot menu item, Spicy ChickenMcNuggets. 

The Spicy Chicken McNuggets, made with seasoned and breaded chicken breast with a spicy habanero heat, are also served with ranch for dipping (and cooling your mouth down!).

The spicy addition did make a brief reappearance on the menu back in August of 2021, but no one knows how long they’ll stick around this time before they’re gone again.

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