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You know you have a great sense of humour when…..

As we all know, the Vancouver Canucks have seen better days. From three different coaches over the last year to inconsistent play, the NHL team has sometimes been tough to watch. This may be why a longtime Canucks fan took a parting shot at his favourite team in his obituary.

On January 13th, Victoria resident Russell George Atkins passed away.

His obituary was published in the Campbell River Mirror earlier this month.

Losing a friend or family member is never easy of course, however, adding a little humour can help soften the loss and Atkins’ obituary did just that.

The final line of the obituary reads:

“Russell would’ve liked to have had 6 of the Vancouver Canucks to be his pallbearers so they could have let him down one more time.”

While it would be great to see the Canucks change things around soon, Atkins’ sentiment is likely felt by many fans across the province.

Atkins is survived by his daughter Kirsten Billings, and the rest of his family.

Russell George Atkins died on January 13th, 2023 (Campbell River Mirror)

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