(Photo by Chek News)

A Victoria newscaster is taking a stand after receiving an email criticizing her appearance on a recent broadcast where she was updating the weather forecast.

During the broadcast, van Straaten could be seen wearing a sleeveless dress—which, apparently, one viewer in particular found offensive.

On January 1st, CHEK News personality Tess van Straaten posted to Twitter a message the news publication received from a viewer who critiqued her outfit.

“This is what women in broadcasting sadly still face in 2023… Do you think my dress is ‘almost upsetting’,” the tweet caption read. 

Straaten posted a screenshot of the message the station received, with the viewer saying, “I find it inappropriate for Tess van Straaten to still wear sleeveless tops in the wintertime to report on the weather.”

“In my opinion, she should be wearing a suit jacket and look more professional like other newscasters around the world.” 

 “Sorry for a negative comment but it is almost upsetting to see what she is wearing,” the email ended.

By the afternoon, responses were pouring in, supporting the local newscaster. To date, her tweet has garnered over 1,000 likes and nearly 600,000 views. 

The majority of responses supported Straaten’s decision to stand up to the critics.

A user questioned the critic’s priorities during a time when more pressing social issues should be addressed.

Others supported Straaten’s decision to stand up and speak out.

Admitting Straaten previously ignored comments of this nature, in recent years she decided to call them out in an effort to support women that are struggling to find their voice.


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