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All has been set right for two Nanaimo boys who have a brand new, signed Bo Horvat jersey and hockey stick after the original was lost by an airline.

Just before Christmas, Linden and Marshall Erwin took a trip to Edmonton to watch the Vancouver Canucks face off against the Edmonton Oilers. The Canucks won the game and Bo Horvat–who is their favourite player–was a huge reason they got the win. 

The Erwin boys made a sign that read, “Hey Bo Horvat, All I want for Christmas is your signature… Want to rock, paper, scissors for it? Go Canucks!” for the game in hopes to get their hero’s signature on something to remember the game by. 

Horvat may have won the game, but he lost the rock, paper, scissors match and ended up giving the boys his game-day stick.


Flair Airlines loses young Nanaimo boys’ hockey stick signed by Canucks’ Bo Horvat

On their return home, Linden said, “when we got to the airport I did not want to let go of that stick,” but he had to check it at the airport prior to his flight. 

Flair Airlines ended up losing the stick for a number of days but eventually the original was found and returned to the island boys.

Despite the original being found, Horvat had heard of their misfortune and promised them a new stick anyway.

Along with the newly signed stick, the Canucks included a signed jersey and poster for Linden, which were hand delivered by Fin, the team’s mascot and Canucks legend Kirk McLean, in Nanaimo.

The moment was captured by the team on video, have a watch:

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