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West Shore RCMP issue warning after Colwood resident spots three cougars in backyard


West Shore RCMP have issued a warning after a Colwood resident spotted three cougars in his backyard Monday morning.

At around 8:2o a.m. on January 23rd, West Shore RCMP said they received a call from a Colwood resident after they spotted three cougars in his backyard.

“The man was safe inside his home near the 580-block of Latoria Road in Colwood,” said Cpl. Nancy Saggar of the West Shore RCMP.

Police say the cougars have moved on from the backyard of the home, but wanted to make the public aware of the confirmed cougar sighting.

“One of our officers was in the area conducting patrols and spotted a single cougar crossing the street and going into the Havenwood Park in Colwood shortly after the call was received,” said Saggar.

The officer who saw the cougar described it to be younger and not quite full grown.

If you encounter a cougar, remember the following:

  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially if you live in rural areas
  • Keep an eye on your pets when outside or keep them on a leash when possible
  • Limit food sources such as garbage, food scraps or compost outside that may be attractants
  • Call the BC Conservation Officer Service if a cougar is seen in an urban area, if it cannot be easily scared off, or if the animal is near an urban park or school during the day

You can read more information on cougars and cougar sightings here.

If you see a cougar near an urban area, or have a wildlife safety concern, you are asked to call the BC Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

In an emergency situation, where the animal poses an immediate risk to human safety, call 911

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