Friday, April 19, 2024

Camosun College takes next steps in building on-campus film studio


Camosun College has been going through the motions to get their students an on-campus film studio with all the bells and whistles of an industry quality setup. 

The process began in 2021 when the federal government provided the post-secondary institution with $150,000 to start exploring their options. They used the funds to analyze the industry and determine what students in the BC film industry needed and how they could help their students achieve success in the industry. 

On Thursday, February 23rd, the college announced that they have selected Visionary Education Technology Holdings Inc., a Toronto-based global education provider, for all topics media and film related. This company will hold Camosuns hand as they develop the studio.

Camosun’s next steps will now be focussed on the building of this studio and discussing the purpose-built construction, the scope of the project, the timeline and the cost of the film studio.

The college says they have always put an emphasis on skill based education such as trades programs which are applicable to the film industry. Programs like electrical and carpentry are useful tools in the film industry’s foundations. 

The Centre for Film and Digital Media that is to be built would allow Camosun to have their fingers on the pulse of the film industry and compete with institutions such as BCIT and Vancouver Film School. 

“When completed, two or three purpose-built sound stages will provide hundreds of well-paid jobs for the graduates trained on-site,” said Camosun in a media release.

“Plans for the new Centre for Film and Digital Media include state-of-the-art sound stages, sound and digital editing facilities, green screen environments, classrooms, production offices and workshops for wardrobe, carpentry and props.”

With so many films being produced in Victoria and across Vancouver Island the school hopes to become a leader in getting its students onto the frontlines of the ever-expanding film industry.

Curtis Blandy

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