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Get it while you can, Victoria!

While strolling through the aisles of your local grocery store you may have noticed empty shelves in the hot sauce department. 

According to Huy Fong Foods, the company behind Sriracha sauce, there has been a decline in the product over the last several months due to a chili pepper shortage.

Since 2020, Mexico—the top producer of peppers used for the special sauce—has experienced an extensive drought

After halting production of the product in mid-2022 for several months, the company released a letter saying “due to weather conditions affecting the quality of chili peppers,” the company is facing a severe shortage of chilies and is unable to produce its products: Sriracha Hot Chili sauce, Chili Garlic or Sambal Oelek. 

Originally made in 1940 by a Thai woman named Thanom Chakkapak, the spicy sauce has gained a loyal following and for good reason.

Whether it is paired with seafood, in stir frys or on a burger, the popular spicy sauce has brought joy to many food lovers. 

Now that Sriracha is in short supply you might be wondering where you can stock up throughout Greater Victoria. 

Have no fear, we’ve done our research! As of this publication on Wednesday, February 22nd, you can find the iconic sauce at the following locations:

  • Fairway 2635 Quadra St
  • Walmart in Langford, 860 Langford Parkway
  • Garcha Bros,  50 Burnside Road
  • Fairway Market, 272 Gorge Road 
  • Country Grocer, 4420 West Saanich Road
  • Fairway Market, 1521 McKenzie Ave
  • Country Grocer, 1153 Esquimalt Road 

What is your go-to destination when buying the sought after hot sauce?

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