(Photo by Athanasia Síoraí)

Pole banners have been a creative way for people to share the word about local activities for decades and now one has taken on a life of its own.

On the contrary, for one pole located in Oak Bay, something a little different is happening, according to this post on Reddit. 

If you ever find yourself picking up a cup of joe at the Starbucks on Fort and Foul Bay, you’ll likely pass a light standard plastered with receipts. 

(Photo by Athanasia Síoraí)

From Matcha Lattes to Iced Mochas and everything in between, the local piece of graffiti has been turning heads for more than two years according to one barista. 

Sarah, a barista at the Starbucks location neighbouring the traffic pole tells Victoria Buzz that she and her co-workers believe “it’s been the high school students plastering their receipts over the pole.”

Sarah says while some guests have expressed laughter over the pole, others have voiced frustration. 

According to a post shared on Reddit about the pole, local residents haven’t appreciated “paper garbage” being left to blow onto the streets.

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What are your thoughts, do you think the Starbucks pole is simply plastered in litter or a funny way to creep the coffee preferences of strangers?

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