Sunday, February 25, 2024

Meteorologist explains why Victoria has recorded the driest January since 1985


According to Environment Canada weather patterns, this past January was recorded as one of the driest months in Victoria’s recent history. 

Last month, 26 mm of rain fell making it the driest January the capital has experienced since January 1985 when a total of 16.2 mm landed. 

Matthew Grinter, the Meteorologist for the Weather Network, says the dry weather we’ve had in Victoria is caused by unexpected temperatures around this time of year.

“We did have a cooler and pretty snowy December. As we went into January that pattern started to change. We were actually pretty warm, about two degrees above normal so it was a relatively mild January as well,” says Grinter.

As we head into the later part of February and into the spring, Grinter tells Victoria Buzz that the dry weather is expected to balance out as more precipitation is forecasted as we head into March.

“We’re are actually looking at a cooling trend coming up. We do have some colder air that going to come onto the Southern part of BC and pretty well all of BC as we head into next week to finish up the end of February,” says Grinter.

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