Monday, July 22, 2024

RV erupts into flames early Tuesday morning in Vic West (VIDEO)


On Tuesday morning, the Victoria Fire Department were called to a fire in the 900 block of Catherine Street.

According to VicPD, Skinner and Catherine Streets were closed for nearly an hour as fire crews tended to the fire. 

Since then, the vehicle has now been towed and the roads have reopened. 

Shortly before 7:30 a.m. local bystander, Timothy McKay filmed the scene as flames erupted from the motor home.

Fire crews were on scene shortly after to put out a fire inside of a  parked recreational vehicle next to trees and powerlines. Paramedics joined fire crews on the scene, including the advanced life support unit,” Mckay told Victoria Buzz, 

“Community residents looked on. Uncertain whether anybody was injured, or to what extent surrounding structures and infrastructure were damaged,” said Mckay.

BCEHS confirms to Victoria Buzz, two ambulances responded to the scene and paramedics did not tend to or transport any patients to the hospital.

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