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Saanich Police nab impaired driver in vehicle resembling cop car (VIDEO)


The driver of a vehicle resembling a police cruiser was found to be impaired while behind the wheel, being in possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking, having an imitation firearm, all while a young child was in the backseat of the vehicle on Wednesday.

At around 9 p.m. on Wednesday, February 8th, Saanich Police received reports of an older white car with flashing blue and white lights that was driving erratically at high speeds on the Trans-Canada Highway near the exit to Burnside Road. 

Police located the vehicle at a gas station near the 300-block of Burnside Road West.

The driver had a young child in the backseat of the car and police say he was found to be impaired during the traffic stop. 

According to police, in searching the vehicle they found drugs they determined were for the purpose of trafficking and a BB gun which resembled a real firearm.

The vehicle was a 1990s Chrysler Dynasty that had been equipped with flashing lights along its front bumper, inside the windshield, the side windows and rear windows. 

In addition to the lights, the Chrysler had a large fixed antennae and a CB radio — two things that most police cruisers have as well.

Police believe that the intention was so the car would look like an emergency vehicle.

The driver was arrested for impersonating an officer, possession for the purpose of trafficking and breach of a current firearms prohibition.

The child was safely handed over to a family member. 

Police say the driver is prohibited from driving for 90-days and the vehicle will be impounded for 30-days.

“While the driver did not identify himself as a police officer to any member of the public that police were aware of that evening, he used his vehicle in a manner that was likely to cause the public to believe that he was a police officer,” said Cst. Markus Anastasiades. 

“What was most shocking was that he was in the care of a young child while he drove while impaired and in such a careless and dangerous manner.”

Police say charges have not been recommended yet because the investigation remains ongoing.

Curtis Blandy

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