Friday, April 19, 2024

This interactive app walks you through the streets of Sidney and their histories


Ready to learn more about Sidney by the Sea?

A new tool—created by Sidney Museum & Archives in partnership with On This Spot —enables visitors to explore the history of Sidney through a self-guided, self-directed walking tour that helps them get to know the vibrant past of the town.

The launch of this learning app at the start of the new year is designed to get people outside and engage with the town’s story. 

App users can visit over 12 carefully curated historical stops featuring photos of these locations overlaid with contemporary shots. 

Users will have the opportunity to stand in the footprints of historic photographers and compare the changes between the past and present. 

An in-app tool allows them to also create their own then-and-now photo compositions. 

The walking tour will take users on deep dives into Sidney’s history, starting with the peninsula’s original inhabitants, the W̱SÁNEĆ people. 

The tour makes its way into town from the shore’s edge, telling the stories of the town’s foundation and the industries that put it on the map and ending with what the town means to its residents today.

Ready to explore the town of Sidney? Download the app here.

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