(Photo by Karen's Diner)

Are you just sick and tired of people where you’re itching to put them in their place?

Well, there’s no need to hold back at this new job. 

With just a few weeks until opening day in Victoria, Karen’s Diner will be opening its location at the Sonara Bar and Grill and are seeking sassy servers, to put customers in their place.

Originally launched in restaurants and stores across Australia and the UK, the OG Karens have embarked on a world tour, dishing out ungrateful service in the land of people that say sorry far too often.  

Unlike most serving gigs, this application process is out of the box. 

Those that are not afraid to dish out insults are asked to upload a 60-second roleplay video highlighting what your personality might look like working at Karen’s Diner.

Those interested in applying to this sassy job can find the application here.  

Home to great burgers and rude service, Karen’s Diner is expected to open this March.

Karen’s Diner 

  • Where: Sonora Bar and Grill, 531 Yates Street
  • When: March 31st to April 1st

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