Friday, April 19, 2024

This Nanaimo content creator has gone viral with the help of her precious pug (VIDEO)


A furry critter has stolen the spotlight from Nanaimo content creator Shelby Jack. 

Known for her food and fashion content on Tik Tok, Jack had quite the surprise on November 30th of last year after a wave of attention and support flooded her account. 

What began as a fun way of showcasing 14-year-old dog Keiko’s bewildered look as he untied himself from behind the couch, has now evolved into a new content niche for the Nanaimo content creator. 

“We’ll often find him hidden behind the couch or hidden behind funny spots. It just happened that one day I had my phone in my hand. I heard scuffling and I caught him at the perfect time to come out,” says Jack. 

Jack tells Victoria Buzz, no less than a few hours after posting, her video immediately went viral.

“I didn’t look at my phone for almost a day and when I logged back in it was already at millions of views.”

Now with more than 20 million views, Jack has been dubbed the “pug mom.” Taking her page by storm, Jack says she plans on devoting her page to content Keiko. 

“Basically my account is a pug account now because that’s what they want to see,” says Jack.

Before this, Jack spent over five years as a content creator pursuing her creative passions for makeup and beauty. 

With the newly found outpouring of support, Jack plans to use her online fame as a way to help the community. 

“We’re actually working on some toys designed for older dogs, we’re also going to sell stickers and out proceeds to either a pug rescue or a foundation that helps dogs with dementia,” said Jack. 

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