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Victoria-based distillery cleans up at 2023 Canadian Spirit Awards


Sip sip, hooray!

Clayton Potter, Co-Owner, Brewmaster and Master Distiller of Moon Distillery, was thrilled to find out they had won multiple awards at the Artisan Distillers Canada Awards including gold in the Contemporary Vodka category for the White Moon Vodka.

“It’s great to see our Spirits celebrated at varying Spirits awards this year! We love to support our local farmers, and it’s awesome to see the spirits that use local ingredients get recognition. The White Moon Vodka is tasting amazing. It’s excellent to see our Whisky program gain momentum too! We currently have 24 barrels from 1 – 5 years old,” said Potter.

This accolade is not all the shine the Moon Distillery received. 

In the Liqueur category, the Moon Shaft Liqueur claimed silver, while the Antifogmatic Bliss Single Malt Whisky took bronze with Distinction in the Single Malt Whisky category.

The Moon Shaft Liqueur is described as a delicious coffee liqueur featuring blended Moon Espresso Vodka, fresh pulled espresso, sugar, almonds, cocoa nibs, and Mexican vanilla. 

Potter recommends the Moon Shaft Liqueur should be paired over ice with cream.

Closing the show with a second bronze placement, the distillery’s Citrus Gin came in third place in the Contemporary Gin category.

Both the White Moon Vodka and the Citrus Gin are made with 100% local malt from Field Five Farm.

Field Five Farm is located only 20 km away from the Distillery, on the Saanich Peninsula. Potter used 70% Field Five Farm white wheat malt, and 30% Field Five Farm Pilsner malt to create these spirits.

“We’re extremely proud of the relationships we’ve built with local suppliers. It’s more important than ever to support local producers and we couldn’t be happier with our partnership with Field Five Farm in Saanichton,” said Potter in a press release.

Moon Distillery uses a unique method for aging their whiskies in using barrel-aged beer barrels, resulting in each whisky barrel having a unique flavour profile.

We won gold!🥇At the Artisan Distillers Canada Awards the Moon Distillery took home:✨ GOLD with Distinction for White…

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