Tuesday, May 28, 2024

BC Transit brings back the classics through Spotify playlists


If you’ve taken a BC Transit bus in Greater Victoria, you’ve likely experienced the dreaded mornings, afternoons and nights spent enjoying the sweet sounds of snoring passengers, screaming kids, and blaring babies.

In order to help transit users make the most of their rides, since 2021, the public transportation service has released themed playlists on Spotify for those to enjoy during their commute. 

“We decided to do something fun and put out music to listen to when you’re riding the bus. We’ve had all kinds of themes, we usually have monthly themes. We’ve done Movember and back to school, halloween and valentines day type things,” says Liz Soutar, BC Transit’s events and outreach coordinator.

Now with their most recent release, “power moves,” aimed at celebrating National Women’s Day, Soutar tells Victoria Buzz that the rise of their themed playlists has become a simple pleasure many residents in Victoria have grown to love. 

“Our first comment that we got when we started changing up the song selection was, this is actually really good,” said Soutar. 

In recent months the unconventional playlists have amassed a reach of 46,000 people and thousands of clicks on Instagram and Facebook whenever a new playlist is released. 

While it’s a small act of positivity, for Soultar and her colleagues, the monthly playlists represent a way for them to connect with their community of transit users beyond the transit service. 

“Getting into the public and showing our personality has been really cool. I love that we do the Spotify playlists. Being able to add a little bit of flair and bring some joy to the people when they are riding the bus has been a fun thing to do,” says Soutar. 

To enjoy these playlists while on your next bus ride, Spotify listeners can find BC Transit’s playlists here.

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