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Teenagers in the West Shore proved difficult for police to keep under control with eight separate reports over the weekend alone. 

The youths were reported to be gathering in large numbers and consuming alcohol as well as getting in physical altercations with one another. 

Here are the “disturbances” West Shore RCMP responded to between March 3rd and 5th:

March 3rd incidents

A physical altercation involving 15 youths near the 800-block of Langford Parkway in Langford broke out with multiple police officers responding. 

One of the youth was court ordered to not be in that area and the situation is still being investigated, according to police. 

Charges are being considered. 

The second situation on March 3rd was a group of around 100 teenagers gathering near Thetis Lake and consuming alcoholic beverages.

When police responded the youth fled the scene.

West Shore RCMP were called to assist paramedics who were dealing with one unconscious teenage boy and a group of “belligerent intoxicated youths.” The teens were gathered at a bus stop near the 400-block of Island Highway in View Royal.

By the time police officers got to the scene the youths had scattered, leaving their unconscious friend behind. 

The boy who was left behind was so intoxicated he had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance, according to police. 

Officers later determined from the boy that the group of teens he had been with had all come from the larger group gathered at Thetis Lake earlier that evening. 

March 4th incidents

On March 4th, West Shore RCMP officers were called to a parking lot on Merchant Parkway in Langford. 

In the parking lot, police say 10 to 14 teenagers were congregating and supposedly “yelling,” smoking cannabis, and generally causing a disturbance. 

By the time police got to the scene, the teenagers had already left and headed in the direction of Westshore Town Centre shopping mall, according to police.

Police searched the area but couldn’t find the youths.

A second situation occurred on March 4th when a report of four youths getting in an altercation near the intersection of Jacklin Road and Goldstream Avenue.

Police say they found out one of the teenagers had threatened to stab another youth during the altercation. Officers located and arrested the suspect and charged them with uttering threats, assault with a weapon and failure to comply.

The youth who was arrested was given a court date later in March. Police say the investigation is ongoing. 

A third altercation occurred on March 4th that police were called to in Langford. A fight in front of a business in the 3100-block of Jacklin Road prompted a report to West Shore RCMP.

West Shore RCMP say a teenage male had assaulted another youth with no provocation and he was found to be highly intoxicated. 

The suspect was held overnight and released when he sobered up. Police say his victim chose not to press charges. 

March 5th incidents

March 5th saw more intoxicated youths running amuck in the West Shore. A report came in to police that a group of youths were throwing garbage around a restaurant near the 800-block of Langford Parkway in Langford. 

By the time officers arrived they had dispersed and successfully evaded the police. 

Later that day, police received a call of a group of teenagers loitering in a restaurant near Langford City Centre. The manager did not want them there but they continued to stay within the premises until police arrived.

One youth was found to have a can of pepper spray, which was taken by police.

The youths were removed from the restaurant and they are now banned by the establishment from returning.

“Many of the youth we encounter in these calls for service have additional challenges in their lives and may be experiencing mental health crises or substance abuse issues,” said Superintendent Todd Preston, Officer in Charge of West Shore RCMP. 

“Policing is only one part of the response, parental and community engagement is key when it comes to addressing the underlying issues facing our youth.”


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