(Johnson Street / DVBA)

Using the innovations of AI technology, the City of Victoria is rolling out a new pilot project designed to locate and fix potholes. 

The new pothole-seeking software is designed to scan the roads for damage. Once located, information on the potholes’ size and location is recorded by the city which will eventually set a date to repair it. 

The newly introduced technology will help monitor and assess all 279 kilometres of Victoria’s paved roads.

Data from the new tool builds on city-wide road condition assessments conducted every three years and has significantly increased the number of potholes detected and repaired in Victoria.

“Whether you cycle, take the bus or drive, safe, resilient and quality roads are a priority for the City,” said Philip Bellefontaine, Director of Engineering and Public Works. 

“Last year we paved more than any other year in the City’s history and are set to pave even more in 2023. We are always looking for innovative ways to increase efficiency and better prioritize our road repairs and this new software suite is another tool we have to keep our road network in good shape,” said Bellefontaine. 

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