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Construction on Sooke Potholes gateway entrance to begin before warm weather arrives


Spring is in the air and Sooke Potholes Park is getting ready for a sun-filled summer!

The gateway to Sooke’s main attraction for tourists and locals alike will be on the receiving end of some major improvements that will make the destination better for all. 

Construction crews will be getting to work beginning March 27th, in order to give the gateway to the Sooke Potholes a bit of a makeover as well as improving the amenities of the park.

The goal is to try to have all construction finished by the May long-weekend. 

Although the Sooke Potholes are a regional park maintained by the Capital Regional District (CRD), the gateway to the park is operated and maintained by the District of Sooke and they are responsible for all amenities. 

Some of the improvements park-goers will see in the near future are much-needed additional parking stalls, the widening of two beach-access staircases, two additional pit-toilets that will be wheelchair-accessible, maps for wayfinding in the area and visitor information. 

According to Christina Moog, Communications Coordinator for the District of Sooke, park access will be minimally interrupted by the construction that takes place in the coming weeks. 

Sooke received a $358,000 grant from the province for the improvements with an additional $50,000 coming from the Canada Community Building Fund.

One of the most popular parts of the park is the portion that is adjacent to the Sooke River at the gateway to the park. Here is where a series of deep, naturally carved and polished rock pools that earned the Sooke Potholes namesake are.

15,000 years ago, glaciers formed the unique formations as they moved, melted and carved the deep path through the bedrock. As this occurred, large boulders were pushed by glacier waters and swirled against the canyon walls creating the pothole forms. 

The area is a fan-favourite for day-use among locals and tourists which is maintained by Sooke rather than the CRD.

Curtis Blandy

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