Thursday, February 22, 2024

Fairfield HAZMAT incident cleared after suspect arrested for aggravated assault


VicPD and firefighters have worked together over the past 48 hours to clear a potential HAZMAT situation within a building in the 400-block of Chester Avenue.

In the afternoon of Monday, March 6th, VicPD and Greater Victoria Emergency Response (GVERT) officers were dispatched to investigate an assault on Chester Avenue when they discovered “potentially hazardous materials.”

Victoria Buzz inquired with Bowen Osoko, a VicPD spokesperson, as to if the police could verify what these materials were, to which he replied, “Unfortunately, we can’t at this point as they may be part of the aggravated assault investigation.”

“We’re still working to determine what, if any, connection they might have,” added Osoko.

The result of their findings was an investigation by specialized units, an evacuation of nearby residents, traffic closures and a perimeter set up around the location.

Police say they have determined the materials in question were of no risk to the public nor the building’s occupants.

The suspect in the assault has been located and arrested. Police said he will be held in custody until his court hearing and the ongoing investigation is being handed over to VicPD’s Major Crimes Unit. 

His recommended charges are for aggravated assault; however,  VicPD have not elaborated on the events from which his charge stems from.

Curtis Blandy

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