Wednesday, April 17, 2024

GoFundMe launched to help aid two dogs abandoned on remote island off Vancouver Island


On December 30th, 2022 a crew travelling by boat to a remote work camp came across two emaciated dogs, chilled to the bone. 

Out of empathy for the two young dogs, the Mowi staff brought them aboard their vessel on their way to camp to reach out for help.

Taking the call right away, the Tri-port Wildlife Response Team arranged to house the two dogs.

After receiving the news, the Mowi crew sent out a second boat on New Year’s Day to deliver the young pups to the North Island. 

Now nearly a year old, Tiger and Bear have spent the last few months playing, digging and enjoying each other’s company while under the temporary ownership of their foster mom, Jilly Laviolette.

After undergoing several treatments to help them recover, the pair currently need to be neutered in order to be adopted into permanent caring homes. 

To help aid the costs of food, treatment and the procedure a GoFundMe has been launched in an effort to set the two dogs up for a stable and healthy life going forward. 

As of this publication, the fundraiser has raised $2,210 of its $1,500 goal. 

For those keen on supporting, donations can be made here.

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