With Victoria’s most recent cold snap still fresh in our minds, the desire to stay cozy and warm inside our homes is stronger than ever.

What many don’t think about is that those creature comforts could be even better. Better
for your family and your guests, better for the environment, and better for your wallet.

This is exactly why the Capital Regional District (CRD) has launched the Home Energy Navigator program, which is designed to streamline home energy upgrades in the region’s single-family homes.

The program aims to support Greater Victoria residents to undertake low carbon home energy retrofits, and take advantage of government and utility incentives.

Through the program, residents are able to access a free, local Energy Concierge which will offer customized, personal support through the home energy upgrade journey, which includes: 

  • Rebate navigation
  • Virtual home energy consultation 
  • Quote reviews
  • Customized retrofit roadmap

The Home Energy Navigator Program is a free program created by the CRD and local government partners in the capital region to reduce carbon pollution and is informed by industry experts, including numerous local contractors. It is being executed by City Green Solutions, a local non-profit with decades of experience helping homeowners save energy.

Here are just a few perks of upgrading your home:

  • Improved comfort year-round: upgraded insulation levels and air-tight homes with appropriate ventilation controls the air from entering or exiting your home, maintaining warm temperatures in the winter, and cool temperatures in the summer.
  • Reduced noise: upgraded insulation, air-tightness, and high-efficiency windows can reduce unwanted outdoor noise in your home. This is especially beneficial for homes built in busy or noisy areas or for individuals who enjoy peace and quiet.
  • Energy efficiency: modern heat-pumps and upgraded insulation help you use less energy to heat and cool your home, which reduces the ongoing monthly and annual operating costs of the home.
  • Lower carbon pollution: buildings are a significant source of energy consumption and carbon pollution in the region. Completing home energy upgrades reduces carbon pollution and reduces your personal household environmental footprint.
  • Future proofing: energy efficient homes have improved quality and can better withstand climate change impacts. For example, the combined effect of a tighter building envelope, high-efficiency heating system such as a heat pump means your home can offer better air quality and cooling as the world around you changes.

Residents can participate in the program for free by filling out a registration form online, and to be eligible, must be owners of a home within the Capital Regional District.

The home being upgraded must be an eligible home type for the CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program, as well as:

  • single family detached; or
  • side-by-side duplex; or
  • side-by-side row home or townhome; or
  • a mobile home on a permanent foundation