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Restoring Faith: Local animal rescue saves abused dog left chained up outdoors (PHOTOS)


WARNING: This article contains details and images of animal cruelty that may be disturbing to some readers.

A Vancouver Island-based animal rescue touched thousands of dog-lovers’ hearts over the weekend when its founder discovered a dog in desperate need of rescuing and emergency care.

Jesse Adams, who founded Rain Coast Dog Rescue, received a message from a good samaritan on Sunday, March 5th about an abused dog who was in immediate need of help. 

“My first intention was to knock on the door to talk to the owner to see what was going on, but no one was home,” Adams wrote in a social media post. 

“I then started to walk around the back of the house and could already smell the most pungent and powerful scent of rotting flesh, infection, garbage, and feces.” 

Adams said he couldn’t see the animal through the chain link fence at first, but then realized the dog had dug itself a hole in the mud to lay in. He discovered the dog in a state of terror — she was curled up in a ball and shaking with no shelter and surrounded by trash and a horrifying amount of her own feces.

“She appears to be young,” wrote Adams. “I was in shock and overwhelmed with so many emotions.” 

“She wouldn’t even look at me, she was so fearful of humans and human interaction from abuse. Her poor spirit was broken.” 

Adams then discovered a short leash had tethered the dog to a fence post he was standing near. He had the knee-jerk reaction to get the animal away from the home by any means necessary, so he broke into the backyard, got the dog off its leash and took her away from the muddy hole she had been left to die in. 

In getting the animal’s leash detached, he discovered that a collar had cut deep into her neck flesh which was where the flesh rot odor had been coming from. 

Upon getting the dog into his truck and away from the home, he immediately took her to the closest emergency veterinarian, which was Waves Veterinary Hospital in Langford. 

The sweet animal who was terrified of humans, for good reason, was discovered to be a younger female dog and he decided to give her the name Faith, which he felt was well-suited to her given the circumstances. 

The Waves Veterinary Hospital gave Adams an estimate for the first few days of care at being over $4,300, so he took to social media to try and garner some financial aid to help Faith receive the care she needed so desperately.

After five days of intense care from Waves Veterinary Hospital, most of which Fath’s well-being varied day-to-day, she was released from the emergency animal clinic with a smile on her face. She has been placed in a medical foster home for the time being.

“We are very grateful that Faith’s medical foster just happens to work in internal medicine at a veterinary hospital,” Adams wrote in a social media update about Faith. 

“She will continue to be able to have direct and weekly access to veterinary care through her foster and ourselves, as her journey of healing continues.”

Rain Coast Dog Rescue’s posts about Faith have been getting thousands of likes and tens of thousands of views with people from all across the country donating to help restore Faith to the loving animal she deserves to be. 

The initial $4,300 goal of fundraising for the organization was more than met. Third parties such as Luna Lucero, a local tattoo artist, even used their own voices to raise money for the pup. Lucero alone raised $5,700 in a raffle for a $300 tattoo giveaway.

She was inspired to raise the money for Rain Coast Dog Rescue because her dog had been rescued by the organization in Saskatchewan. 

“Faith still has a journey of healing in front of her until she will recover physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually,” wrote Adams. “We will be there every step of the way along with all of you good people.”

Follow Rain Coast Dog Rescue on Instagram for updates on Faith’s health and journey and visit their website if you are interested in adopting or donating to their cause.

There is an active police investigation into the original owners animal cruelty toward Faith.

Curtis Blandy

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