Thursday, February 22, 2024

Saanich to shut down stretch of Cordova Bay Road for nearly two weeks this month


The District of Saanich has some roadwork to do on one of its more scenic drives.

The stretch of Cordova Bay Road that extends through PKOLS (Mount Douglas Park) will be fully closed to traffic and public transit for 11 days this month, from March 27th to April 6th

From the intersection at Ash Road to Blenkinsop Road is the two kilometre length that will be closed for 24 hours each day. 

Those driving north on Ash Road will be diverted around PKOLS by way of Cedar Hill Road, and those driving south on Cordova Bay Road approaching the park will be diverted westbound on Blenkinsop Road.

(Google Maps)

“BC Transit buses will not be running through the park and the bus stops will be relocated,” read the district’s news release on the road closure. 

“Check BC Transit for route changes and updates if you are travelling by bus.”

Saanich says that cyclists and pedestrians will still be able to traverse the stretch of road, it’s just motor vehicles that will be affected. The district recommends cyclists and pedestrians exercise caution on their route through the park though. 

All ongoing and upcoming construction projects throughout the District of Saanich can be found here

Curtis Blandy

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