The results are in and Victoria has made the list as one of the best cities in Canada for students.

According to Hellosafe, an online insurance-comparison platform, states Victoria is the second-best city in the attractiveness criteria when it comes to encouraging economic opportunities for students, overall, however, the capital finished in 20th place.

The attractiveness category takes into account criteria such as the city’s accessibility and its presence within a transportation network, as well as reference economic indicators such as the city’s unemployment rate and average household income.

The 2023 results found Ottawa coming in first place with Victoria claiming silver followed by Kingston (third) and Vancouver (fourth).

Additionally, Victoria and Nanaimo came in 4th and 5th as the best cities to study in British Columbia.

While leading the way in multiple categories, Victoria failed to make the “quality of life category,” with Nanaimo taking 10th place. 

This category takes into account criteria related to housing accessibility, air quality, climate and environmental conditions, access to nature and the size of the city.

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Overall, Victoria climbed seven positions, while Nanaimo dropped by six:

What are your thoughts when it comes to quality of life in Greater Victoria?

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